Reinvention to me has a thrilling ring to it!

Reinvention happens when changes occur. Hair cutting to hair styling verses trend setting.

For example, the overuse of heat appliances, hair straighteners and curling irons have been a super trend for at least a decade or more.

Reinvention paradoxically means becoming or evolving a new self image.

I remember when I started my hairdressing career in the mid 1970s, we distinctly attracted a particular client and the hair we were doing.

One decade later, its the same client just getting older, but however the overall look of one’s self-image, becoming younger.

In the earlier years most, clients permed and tinted their hair. One was conscious of wearing matching colours in their dress sense and played safe with matching make up. My point is, now as the decades have gone on and the world is becoming into a more gender-neutral feeling, hair cutting and hair styling has evolved in a way that has formed an impressive bridge between the work we were doing in the past decades.

I have recently put together a new collection of images which is the 3rd generation of clients. Grand children and great grandchildren, this is incredibly dynamic and vivid for me.

I have handpicked a unique collective of young people to cut, colour and style their hair. However, in this instance, I am allowing them to express who they are and how they see their own self-image.

Moving forward, I wanted to listen to what their interests are and how they fit into their groups of friends, and what trending means to them.


Hair, make up and styling by Michael Wolff.
Photography by Tanja Bruckner.