A Brooding Quality Of Romantic.

Annie Emms creations have got to be one of the must wear peaces of art on this planet..
The esteemed artist creates masterfulpeices in her collection from dresses , headwear to other accessories.Emms beautifully handcrafted designs are composed with luxurious materials and all the trimmings. Each design has a distinctly unique feel, while attention to detail and fitting is perfect. Emms, boast each garment is timeless and will always guarantee its place forgone to really step out and stand out in style. Amazing talent continues to be her style, and her styling is unique . Emms has a larger than life personality and so do her designs.

Michael Wolff and Annie Emms, our collaboration together.
The teaming Tanja Bruckner photography’s our first assignment.Wolff’s idea of these most elegant garments should be intererating fashion portraits creating a mood and capturing the atmosphere of photographic portrait which being hair, make up and styling together.

Collectively, Grace was created by taking a picture off the wall and from a canvas, and transporting it to a three dimensional form. Each garment has a story that becomes part of the wearer’s story.

This immersion of art with the wearer, they become one. A moving story of living artworks, the crochet loops intuitively take the garment to another creative path so the garment unfolds in the making. The wearer breaths life into the garment.

Art direction by Michael Wolff, Tanja Bruckner and Annie Emms

Photography by Tanja Bruckner
Hair and Make up by Michael Wolff
Assistant Andrew Howard