Keeping the Beautiful Blond

The Heat of Summer and Keeping Your Beautiful Blond Hair

The thing about going blond is finding the right colour that suits your skin tone.

Cooler and warmer tone suits different complexions, also making sure the right length and natural hair colour are taken into account.

If you have darker hair, be subtle about going lighter. Avoid bleach blond looks by keeping depth at the base of the hair, which will also create a look that will be more natural and have more fullness. My advice is to exercise caution as it can cause finer hair to be more see through.

Great blond hair takes more regular maintenance with 4 to 6 week appointments at the salon. Discussion is important to upkeep your hair colour tone and condition especially if your own hair is a darker tone.

It’s extremely important to keep your hair continuously moisturised and to replace with plenty of protein. Regular protein and moisture treatments will strengthen and restore hair structure.

These are treatments you can have with salon visits, or you can do a take home care range of products.

Photo credits
Model Karolina Karolinka
Photography by Tanja Brukner
Hair and make up by Michael Wolff