A Conversation with Mary Roberts

UNSW 20/9/2023

In a one hour conversation, Michael explained a four part structure, reflecting a range of Beauty and Fashion images created by Michael himself over three decades of working in the industry.

Michael explained his working progress with a range of images he created in different context for different clients. He also explained the different decisions between him and the client and at times independently made by himself. And importantly, the collaborative process involved in making images and events based around product and fashion design.

The four part structure was broken up into discussion on Beauty, Fashion, Advertising and Run way presentation.

Michael described casting and preparing a model for a shoot, and then for a runway show.

He also explained trends and quickly, and how different trends evolve in hair and makeup.  The importance of how product and clothing was also discussed and how quickly that can change everything.

Michael also discussed Branding and what influences him, and his response to what is trending.