Applauding a Celtic Encounter

 A collection bound by status and importance. Styling illustrates fashion influenced by our Irish heritage. The looks are enriched by a modern and achievable styling technique for the present time. Androgyny is encountered with the […]

Elegance, Centre Stage

A collection about shape, colour, texture and mood. The key to creating these images is a creative balance of shape and texture. Black takes over the perfect background, then a contrast colour is the signature […]

Drawn to Nostalgia

A cut above. My most extravagant and new cutting creations. They are sharp and flattering proportions. Strong edgy lines that define silhouettes of oriental androgyny with very distinctive design language. Gothic influences that are impeccably […]


A Brooding Quality Of Romantic. Annie Emms creations have got to be one of the must wear peaces of art on this planet.. The esteemed artist creates masterfulpeices in her collection from dresses , headwear […]


Reinvention to me has a thrilling ring to it! Reinvention happens when changes occur. Hair cutting to hair styling verses trend setting. For example, the overuse of heat appliances, hair straighteners and curling irons have […]

Ultra Blondness

The attributes of the immortal blond Each image in statue has been painted with a Matisse acrylic paint colour for a sacred personage, each itself is regarded as sacred. If you are a bleached blonde […]

A realm of senses

A collective of in the moment. The cultural and cultivated eccentricities where hair drama influences simplicity of a single piece of jewellery or a lavished garment. Hair marries with high end vintage fashion keeping it […]

Eat, drink, dance…

Meet your look for the occasion This is a fantasy that has stuck around forever. A kind of cultural naturalism where hair, makeup and styling are liquid. Everything in life is just for a while. […]


Currently working on a collection of ready to wear hair. Working true to my own Michael Wolff brand of clever cutting and beautiful blend of colour. Right now for me, hair takes rather long to very […]


Michael’s inspiration for doing hair and make up comes from youth culture, street fashion and an appreciation of fine art and watching movies old and new. Michael is a creative leader in the field of […]